Software FAQs

Software related questions

How do I place an order?

You have the following options to place an order:

  1. Buy long or sell short at the market using the hot corner buttons on the left top corner of the screen
  2. Draw a trend line first, then right click the line and select to buy or sell option.

Why can’t I enter an order by price?

Our trading strategy is based on the following philosophy:

  • Do your trend lines analysis first
  • Execute trades based on the previously done analysis

We follow trend lines based patterns, therefore order entry price price level is not inline with our trading approach described above.

What liquidity providers does DTT use?

We are directly connected to the institutional and inter-banking market through the following ECNs.

  • KCG Hotspot (
  • Integral (
  • Currenex (
  • MAREX Spectron (

We aggregate liquidity from the above ECNs  to ensure to always get the best price.