“Day Trade Talents” has been created by a group of financial market professionals to find, train and employ young motivated trading talents around the globe.  In today’s world any trader and trading firm needs to have an edge to be successful. Therefore instead of using standard trading tools from independent ISVs, we have developed our own cutting edge trading infrastructure based on our combined more than 135 years of trading experience.

We believe that human beings are better in pattern recognition than computers, at the same time computers are faster than humans. By combining the advantages of both, we came up with a trading concept, which delivers the highest performance to achieve most outstanding financial returns.

Trend lines trading only

Our traders use technical analysis limited to trend lines only to visually specify the entry and exit levels instead of manually entering trades into an order entry tool. Our computerized trading tool automatically executes entry trades based on trend lines breach and also automatically closes out position based on the drawn lines.  Each graphically drawn stop loss line is checked on the fly to keep positions within the risk management levels.

Based on this concept one trader can easily monitor up to 100 or even more charts, since all orders are automatically executed, risk is real-time managed and price levels have not to be manually adjusted by the trader.